I think I just came to a point in my life where I’m not excited.

“It’s not exciting anymore…”  a quote I’ve heard so much in songs, tv breakups and even movies. Why? Well for a fact, 5 years ago, I was in Puerto Rico having summer vacations and being excited over meeting old friends. Four years ago, I did the same. 3, I was traveling New South Wales coast on a road trip. 2, I was enjoying being here. Last year, I was getting dumped. They were all interesting and life changing.

But nothing is cool anymore. No, it’s not the fact that my ps3 died forcing me spend hours trying to do something that’s not sleeping. It’s not that I have the most boring job ever- a job that doesn’t challenge my knowledge at all. Perhaps it is that I’m creatively doing nothing: I barely write since it bores me sometimes; I’m no longer recording the show; I’m single and uninterested in dating.

However, there are the cool moments:  my friends;  hanging out;  the weekends. It’s not enough though. I’ll be studying this fall and I shall be entertained for a while.

It’s funny how it all grows. I’ve been too long depressed that I’m already bored at it. But there are some things that I’ll be trying: daily workouts, music, studying and I’ll try to vlog more often-with or without the crew. I’ll try to resurrect my ps3 and keep enjoying those awesome times I spend with the people I call friends.

I need to game change me.

~ by rpgdude on June 22, 2010.

One Response to “Uninspired”

  1. Totally identified with what you wrote here… There are many times in life that one feels very Uninspired. A few years back I was feeling exactly like this and decided that I needed a change too. Life works and changes in some really unpredictable ways. The trick is not letting it get to you and learning how to react to this.

    Hope you are doing better now and that the New Year brings you a lot of new and inspiring adventures.

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