This weekend I kept thinking about recent changes in my life. Some for good, some bad. You know the drill. However, there was one thing that I kept thinking: You(s).

I sympathize with You. We’re both going through the same stuff. It ain’t easy what they did to you, but you got through it. Ironically, it’s happening to me again and your support means a lot to me. Seriously.

I feel angry with You. You were my friend and I don’t like what you did. I mean, you’re still my friend but I don’t know how do I become friends with you anymore. Maybe I’ll get over it, but we had a great friendship. You kept me in the dark, even when I needed you.

I feel great with You. We talk; you make me laugh with your goofiness; and most of all, you’re there for me. Yeah, we rock, but we’ll rock more if time is given. We’re great friends.

There’s always my You(s). They know who they are. They hate the word drama. They love their alcohol. The adore their sex and act carefree in life. We’ve had countless of disagreements, but whenever I need You(s) you’re there for me. Be it by giving me a hug when I feel everything is crumbling; or buying me a beer when I tell you I wanna forget; and there’s always You making me laugh with all your craziness. I love you all.

And You. The You that has been the longest. The one I fear will see me down. The one I fear I will disappoint. The one that’s simply there. Did I ever told you that I love You? I don’t think so. Well I do. Thank you for worrying about me.

And there’s my final You. You, the one that made me happy, by being silly. The one that made me smile over a bottle of wine and Ipod songs. The one that made me understand silly games. Just you, the one that I cried over days when I though I lost you and made me smile when I though I was wrong. You are a great person. Heck, you are the greatest person and for that I thank You.

Thank you for your smiles.
Thank you for the long trips you took for me.
Thank you for showing interest even when you disliked something.
Thank you for (almost) always talking straight to me.
Thank you for your kiss.
Thank you for your nicknames.
Thank you for teaching me music and for that dance of the Time Warp.

But, as grateful as I am, I have to admit that this is over. I’m cool with it. We’re both great people and we sure made an awesome team. You must have your reasons and I respect them. However let me tell you something: I had a blast with you. It’ll be hard to top. You can count on me for everything. I’m cool. I doubt I ever let you down and as much as let down I feel I am, we never let down to each other. I love you and you’ll be missed.

After all, there’s only me. I, the one that stand next to my friends whenever they need me. I, the one geeky, smarty, handsome guy that’s always wondering: “what if” when he should be yelling: “why not?!”

I am changing. I’m feeling half the person I was when I last posted here. But, I am twice the person I was back then.
To all my You.

You all know who you are: Thanks for being part of me.

~ by rpgdude on June 16, 2009.

One Response to “You”

  1. I see myself reflected in your words kiddo.

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