I haven’t been posting for a few weeks. Part of that goes to the fact that I’m never home and I’m either traveling (NYC and FLA) or studying or partying a lot.

The other thing is that I got accepted in an internship program and I’ll be spending all summer in Australia. Oh shit! I’m so fucking excited! What will I be doing over there? An internship and a course on travel writing plus all the stuff that goes with moving somewhere new!
Let me sum things up:
I traveled to Fort Lauderdale to visit two of my friends. We had an awesome time. I visited Miami and South Beach which are really good places to hang.

I finally went to Orlando. In a quick two day travel I bursted into excitement (and lost my heights fobia) in Islands of Adventure and Sea World.

I missed my flight back to Boston. Causing me to lose my mind for at least an hour.
Went back to Boston to greet a hot girlfriend from Puerto Rico.

Continued my dedicated training in Guitar Hero. I’m mastering Hard Mode right now!
Got into a bus to NYC where three hot chicks were waiting for us and we had fun, oh yes!

The last two weeks in Boston were crazy.

Last saturday was our roomate’s birthday. We did a “dress like a rockstar” theme party. It was amazing. Best party ever!
Now, I’m getting ready for a date. Yes things are going good! I’m back.
PS-Nothing good is going on in the world. That sucks

~ by rpgdude on March 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “Australia”

  1. i visited australia on vacation a few years ago. i absolutely loved it! i stayed for 3 weeks. it’s awesome. off the top of my head, a few things you should do… climb the sydney harbour bridge – the view from the top is amazing, and the climb itself is incredibly cool. go to ayers rock (uluru) and the olgas (kata tjuta), a must see. while you’re there, ride a hot air balloon (i did that for my birthday). snorkel the great barrier reef, a must, must see. visit the twelve apostles – breathtaking… find time to visit a zoo and play with kangaroos (bring cheerios with you). take time to really listen… the sounds of australia are beautiful – exotic birds are everywhere, in the city, in the bush. and the music, oh the music… the didgeridoo steals the show. you’re gonna love it… i’d take an internship course on anything just to go back…

  2. Ohhhh shit! I’m soooo exited!! Thanks for the tips Kahlua!

  3. Oh man that was the best party ever!!🙂 Yes, your dates make me jealous lol….and I guess you were cheating on me this whole time! I dont blame you…you are pretty hot!


  4. Me imagino lo emocionado que debe estar con ese trip a Australia. No todo el mundo visitar alguna vez, el mas LEJANO CONTINENTE. POR QUE MIRA QUE ESTA LEJOS, coño. Pero te deseo todo lo mejor por alla, y no olvides traerme un mug. JEJEJE. por lo demas, realmente me alegro mucho que las cosas te este yendo bien. Me hubiese gustado haberte acompañado a FL, pero pues nuestros schedules no lo permitieron. UN ABRAZO!

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