The tale of two road trips

In June 2006, me and 4 other friends went on a road trip around the island. In some ways it changed our lives.

Pink Monday finally posted the last of four videos documenting the travels, the conversations, the exitement, the wackiness of our trip.

In November 2006, three friends went out on a road trip from Washington to Boston. I met with them in New York City where a series of posts like La Escuelita and the Macy’s Day Parade took place. Enjoy the first part of their road trip.

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~ by rpgdude on December 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “The tale of two road trips”

  1. Tus amigos y tu tienes que hacer el pacto Charolastra.

    Att. Gazoo Starr.

  2. No la mames cabron!

  3. te recomiendo el pacto del Bugalu…

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