Powers Rangers (Where are they now?)

I was a closet Power Rangers fan.

I still remember when the Power Ranger Obsession hits the 7th graders and kept on going for about 2 more years. Then, everything changed. We grew up. They changed casts and titles and became a sucky franchise. We moved on.

A few days ago I was wondering about this show. I didn’t knew it was an USA adaptation of a Japanese franchised called Super Sentai. I had no idea the condition the original actors worked (they were being paid $500 an episode among lots of things). But they were our heroes. Seeing Kimberly, Zack, Billy, Jason and Trini on Telemundo at 4:00pm was the most important thing on the day. Then we mimicked their fighting at school, got the action figures, played the videogames and behaved silly obsessed. Those were good times, when were innocent. At least I was.

Don’t you just miss those Kaijus. The mechs, the big battles, the identity crisis, the secret identities, the chemistry between Kimberly and Tommy, Jason’s muscles, the racial controversies of Trini’s Yellow Suit and Zach’s Black Suit, Zordon and his queer sidekick Alpha 5, Rita Repulsa, Alpha running and yelling “Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay!”, The green ranger is evil, then good then loses power but then gets a white suit storyline. The cast changing…

It’s being ten years (or 11) since the original rangers moved their ways to different things. What are they doing now?

Walter Emmanuel Jones (best known as Zack the Black Ranger)- Despite being the first to leave (along with Jason and Trini) this guy’s been having a succesful career especially on TV: from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NYPD Blue, Moesha and the Shield. Ahhh and he’s a hip hop teacher. No juicy stuff in here. Next!

David Yost (best known as Billy the nerd Blue Ranger)- I don’t think I’m the only one here to think that he was way (incredibly) old to play his character. Anyways, he was the most boring character and surprisingly the one that stayed the most (about 200 episodes) of the original cast. He has won many gymnastic tournaments and stuff. Boring.

Thuy Trang (best known as Trini the Yellow Ranger)- This Vietnamese American appeared in movies like Spy Hard and The Crow City of Angels. However she got cursed by the crow. In 2001 she was killed in a car accident when the car one of her friend’s was driving lost control, hit a rock and flipped multiple times (yes like in the movies). Her ranger powers didn’t help her out: she wasn’t wearing any seat belt. Apparently, her death was very tragic. Also, she appeared in some Scientology commercials.

Amy Jo Johnson- Perhaps, the most successful ranger on the bunch. Sadly she’s still and will continue to suffer with the identity/famous issue some actors get, she will always be Kimberly in the eyes of the viewers. Her second most recognized show is Felicity where she played Felicity’s best friend. Currently she’s working in the ABC show What about Bryan? Ahhhh, she says she’s a musician and a singer.

Jason David Frank- Yes, we all loved Tommy. When he showed up as the bad green ranger, we all knew he would kick ass. This dude controlled a Zord with his Dragon Dagger, he was awesome! What’s become of him?

NOTHING. This guy IS stuck with Power Rangers and will continue. This dude hasn’t done anything worth of attention. ANYTHING. It seems that he’ll continue being in Power Rangers for a while… he needs to eat you know.

Austin St John- I’ll admit it. I only watched the show for Jason. He was just a poor actor who happened to be hot and cool. Then he left and the show changed. I stopped watching eventually. Then he came back to the show (some years later) but I was way over that. He hasn’t starred in anything besides Power Rangers except two TV movies. Except for…

A few days ago, I was talking to a friend about the rangers, our former obsessions and the show. Then he showed something that left me completely speechless. Austin St John is doing porn at Sean Cody (a well known gay porn website). Yes, that’s how the guy makes the money, showing his Zord and defeating guys with it. Hmmmmm wait, that’s kinda like Power Rangers! Go, go, Faggot Ranger!

PS. It is still unclear if the person in the pornos is the real guy. But he looks awfully familiar and it’s always better to trash past celebrities who end up jobless.

Anyways let’s enjoy the Rangers one more time!

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~ by rpgdude on December 8, 2006.

16 Responses to “Powers Rangers (Where are they now?)”

  1. Nice research. Lo mas irónico es como has tenido que clasificar como PORN, un artículo sobre los POWER RANGERS. jejejejee. Nice Work!

  2. Ese NO es el Red Ranger.


    PS. Te voy a reportar a blogalaxia por pornografico.

  3. Go, go Power Rangers!

    Yo quiero ser un color cool, indigo o traer el verde de vuelta. Y quiero mi propio mega robot.

  4. Gazoo esta traumatizado. Su idolo de infancia ahora hace cositas ilegales con otros rangers.

  5. digno de E! entertainment…

    qué mal, esa película que hicieron que estuvo súper…

    pero bueno… por lo menos el que más está ganando chavos ahora es el rojo.

  6. Gracias Joel! Bno el rojo esta haciendo chavos pero la rosa no se queda atras.

  7. No sabia q Trini se había muerto. Ella era mi favorita!!! Los Power Rangers empezaron a suckear cuando mataron a Zordon, ya no era lo mismo desde mucho antes pero al menos la historia tenia sentido y los efectos especiales habian progresado mucho; y le vendieron la franquicia a Disney.
    Y Jason haciendo porno gay…jajaja!!!
    Tommy volvio hace par de seasons atrás, no mucho, y me dio curiosidad de pq el tipo es tan loser y no hace mas nada y encontre q tiene su escuela de karate y los niveles son mini ranger, etc.
    Sí, yo tambien era fan y me duró bastante.

  8. te falta averiguar donde estan Bulk y Skull

  9. Pense poner a Bulk y Skull pero me caian mal!

  10. Whoever says that they weren’t into Power Rangers at some point in life is LYING.

  11. Hey now…I liked them all, including Billy. I didnt think he was boring. And he became pretty cute in the third season.

    Anywhoo, that is definetely not Austin St. John. He’s a bit chunky chubby now, as seen on Forever Red in 2002. He was NEVER as buff as that dude, not even in his prime.

    By the way, you happen to leave out the 2nd Red, Yellow and Black Rangers (Rocky, Aisha and Adam respectively) Steven Cardenas, Karan Ashley and Johnny Yong Bosh.

  12. Yeah, I only wanted the first main cast. Maybe I’ll post something on the others some other time.

  13. OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog although being at work and seeing that pic is pretty naughty!!!! Keep writing b****!

    Love ya! Enjoy the wonderful weather for me ok?!

    ~B Boop

  14. Carajo si supiera que los rangers iban a terminar haciendo porno gay los hubiera visto mas a menudo!

  15. What?! Billy was awesome!! Anyone who says they were never into the power rangers is in denial. And about the red ranger.. wow what a waste.. Porn? Maybe he should have stuck with Power Rangers.. Tommy still does.. and he is like what? 50?

  16. That’s a bad news about the Red Rangers career. Hope it is not the real guy, but when you done gyms sometimes your body structure changes but not your face.. What do you think guys?

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