Live from Miguel Cotto’s fight

Miguel Cotto won over Carlos “El Indio” Quintana easily. Despite what some might argue, he was in total control of the fight.

Antonio Margarito won against Joshua Clottey unanimously but that fight was given to him. Clottey showed more stamina and power but in the last 3 rounds was fighting with a broken arm.

I was there, in row 214 D watching everything that transpired. From the fights, the runs, the hugs and the exploitation of our symbolic flag there was a nation of Puerto Ricans sitting in those seats yelling and screaming and crying.

On round one of Cotto’s fight some dudes from the public wanted to join them and had a heated fight. They were taken outside and kicked out.

On row 214 a comment made by my brother in law stating that Margarito lost the fight was followed by rantings and fight insinuations of a Mexican crowd. Puerto Rican like he is he yelled that which cannot be said: “I am an American citizen, I don’t need any papers”. Security had to pay a visit. It was getting heated. None of the groups were kicked out, but it was hillarious.

I won’t comment too much about the fights: we all know Cotto knocked El indio in the 5th round

Cotto’s fight (blurred)

A direct hit

I forgot the name of this champion

video (coming soon)
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~ by rpgdude on December 4, 2006.

6 Responses to “Live from Miguel Cotto’s fight”

  1. mano pon ese video ya!!! Si tienes mas fotos también


  2. qué chulería haber estado allí…

    ¡más fotos, y el video, por favor!!!!

  3. Ok, voy a ver si pongo el videito luego pero como fue con la camara debe haberse visto medio mal. Pero se oye y se ve la gente gritando emocionada jeje.

  4. Este cabron tan guillao.

    Donde esta el video? Avanza co~o.

  5. acho dame break q ya llevo 24 horas sin dormir!

  6. Acho!

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