Macy’s Day Parade

7 AM: The alarm rings in Room 621 of a Broadway Hostel. I think: damn I have a headache. I check: none of my friends are awake. I look: it’s raining. I go to bed again.

9 AM: I woke up. My friends are asleep. I think in going by myself. I have a huge, huge headache. It’s called hangover. Damn La Escuelita, damn Dragas, and damn 10 dollar long islands. I think I’m already late for the parade. It starts at 9 but people get there early. I am a traditional Puerto Rican: always get there late.

10 AM: One of my friends wakes up, me too. We’re determined to get there… even if all we see is Garfield’s balloon on the streets. We know we’re late.

11 AM: We leave our room. It’s raining like crazy. The four of us take the Metro. We get to the parade. Oh the parade. We decided to get to 34th street and watch. The people were crazy. The streets were closed. There was no way we might reach the other side. What are we going to do?

We walked street after street, in the pouring rain, only to find them closed. Those cops aren’t letting anyone in. One was nice enough to tell us that we might be able to watch it in 39th street.

Oh 39th street. It’s about 12, and on our way we see lots of elves, drummers, singers, percussionists, trumpeters. They’re cheering, smiling and seriously show some relief. We were watching them finish their performance and go home (to their families, where is warm and there’s turkey).

I was so wet. I am one of those that wet socks sets me in a moody mood. But this time I wasn’t. I wanted to watch Pikachu.

12:20pm: 39th street! We made it! Look there’s Garfield!!! woo! But…… wait, what’s going on? Suddenly a group of people surround the poor cat and hit him. They open his insides and he slowly dies away… in front of all the people. We had reached the parade’s graveyard. They didn’t warned us.

But it was fun for the first 3 balloons we saw being deflated. After that we decided to go out. Get something to eat, sleep some more and get ready for some hanging out at night.

Yes, we failed to reach the parade like the rest of the people. But it was raining! We were hungover and tired! But at least we saw some balloons. Better than nothing…

Thursday 23, 2006
Next…. “Of Splash, Go Go Dancers and Uruguayans!”

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~ by rpgdude on November 29, 2006.

5 Responses to “Macy’s Day Parade”

  1. GARFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *stabs her chest*

    You know, despite the unexpected death, it sounds as tho you had funšŸ™‚

    I want to play in NY too!

  2. Ay DIOS!!! Garfield.. eso fue una masacre. hasta un candy cane cojieron y ultrajaron sacandole sus entraƱas de helio… y yo que queria ver a charlie brown aunque fuera con tu sobrerito hecho a mano… btw, me libro de un frio BRUTAL y un pelo mojadisimo!!! te lo tengo que lavar luego pq debe estar abombao (como decimos aqui)

  3. Sothis a pesar de todo si, la pasamos chevere. Me quede con ganas de ver a Pikachu (hints for next year si estoy aca).

  4. Ha ha ha! You witnessed the “balloon massacre”. Never shown on camara!

  5. SIIIIIIIIIIII I’m proud to be on “The Real Macy’s Day Parade”!!!!

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