Objective and Subjective

Objectivity is one of the keys to life… but it’s so hard to achieve. Some might say that is almost impossible.

I’m remembering when I was about 18. I was a newcomer.
I was so stuck on my beliefs that I could barely look to other sides. I dissed people because of the way they expressed, thoughts and beliefs.

By 19 I got stuck with reality. I was a Nobody.

By 24, on a November morning, I realized that sometimes we judge people at first instances. Why this person doesn’t like me or why does this person thinks that way? I feel better than them… I was stuck on thoughts that were ridiculous and terribly subjective.

We grow up, we change and (especially) we mature… in some cases. We change our views and we adapt. We grow based on experiences and lean towards more realistic and centered thoughts, ways of life or attitudes.

We learn to say to ourselves that sometimes things that look black far away might be navy blue if you take time and check closer. Sometimes we give for granted when we’re not supposed to. If we were objective and more ground based things would be different (better).

We judge people based on our experiences, reactions and the way we were raised. Why not judge people based on their hearts or their motives? … because we don’t want to. We’re lazy. We don’t want to leave that comfort zone. That’s why the world is like it is.

These ramblings might be a little random but they might hold meaning to some (if not all) of you. We who tend to judge and stand on our views don’t let other thoughts to invade or space to understand them.

This weekend I had one of the greatest weekends in my life. Not because I did amazing things (which I did), but because I got slapped in my own face when I though about things that turned out to be the other way (for good).

If you stay true to whom you are and let your perishing objective nature to prosper a little… just a little. How different we might be? We will be a better we.

~ by rpgdude on November 26, 2006.

9 Responses to “Objective and Subjective”

  1. wow… all this coming from a highly opinionated person. ;o)

    tolerance n. the capacity for or the practice of recognizing and respecting the beliefs or practices of others.

    what the world needs, and also those of us “who tend to judge and stand on our views”, is a good dose of TOLERANCE.

    good post.

  2. Creo que he mejorado un poco en eso de prejuiciar

  3. Diantre, es q esto me paso pq tu sabes cuando tu a veces juzgas a otros (sea por lo que sea) de la primera impresion y despues tiempo despues descubres cuan increible pueden ser.

  4. Pues, eso precisamente me ha pasado unas cuantas veces ya…

    otra cosa, esa de la foto es Alex verdad?

  5. Si mano, la tomo la Brennie en Chaguin! Me parecio q era la foto mas apropiada.

  6. Parece que alguien por ahí estuvo viendo los X-Men en el fin de semana!!

  7. I hate X-Men 3. It was sloppy.

  8. So true, so true. That’s why first impressions seem to be so important, ppl misjudge you from just one look, one uttered word.

    So a vestirse bien y hablar malo, pa’ confundirlos a todos.

  9. Te estoy haciendo caso. A hablal cafle y a grital y desoldenal!

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