I’m bringing sexy back

After a few days of blog inactivity I’m back with a new layout, pictures and attitude. I hope you like the new change. That freakin’ blue standard layout was driving me nuts (and some of you that already pointed it out). 2o% of the credit goes to Pink Monday who helped me out due to my inability to deal with html codes. Now that I think about it, Pink deserves more… how about a 40? LOL kidding she deserves 90%.

Another thing: I’ve been busy playing Final Fantasy 12 and Guitar Hero 2 which is absolutely addicting and entertaining. Right now I’m trying to master (5 star master) Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold

Video of the song:

Someone playing it in hard mode:

PS. Classes and responsibilities have finally caught with me. I have 3 big projects and as usual I haven’t begun any of them.
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~ by rpgdude on November 17, 2006.

4 Responses to “I’m bringing sexy back”

  1. ya era hora puneta q quiataras la mierda aquella generica.

    me gusto el popcorn, va bn a tono kon el blog.

  2. Fo’ Real.

    You owe me a drink at Café La Princesa on Live Jazz Friday.

  3. Dale te debo eso!

  4. gracias a DIOS que no tengo el juego ese… pq me hubiera jukeao tambien.. traetelo cuando vengas pa PR!!!!!

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