Fighting for power: On how I actually quit my job

This is how I deal with power:

Management of Store —-:

By the time I finished my three month probation period at store —-, my store manager and one of the assistant managers of the store were talking about promoting me to full time status. In October 2004 I was officially promoted and begun concentrating my work in different tasks but primarily in merchandising the Kids section of this Extra-Large store.

I learned a lot and quickly became an expert in both departments. From mapping, visuals, windows, service and closing or opening drawers, managers and staff were pleasantly satisfied with the work I was executing. It was hard work, but nothing was more effective than a focused team and the will to achieve a goal: success.

A year passed and by the first week of May 2005, I made my choice of trying to achieve a Master of Science in the College of Communications in Boston University. It was a very tough decision. I was abandoning my family, friends, the commodity of a job, and the benefits of a place I already knew and was safe. By September 2005, I traded all that comfort to a tougher and riskier stage in my life. A new place came by followed by new experiences and eventually new job.

The first time I saw what would become my new store all I could think was: disorganized. A few months later, the store had changed dramatically and for good. Visuals were stunning; the merchandise was well placed, full of brand standards and great customer service. Customers were satisfied by the new look and approach. So were we. With a team of three great and enthusiastic people, nothing could have gone wrong.


One of the (if the only) reason I worked and studied full time was to cover expenses and lay safe with medical and other benefits the company had supported me for over a year. But times have changed, situations change and people change.

Today, Friday November 17, 2006 I was being told, without any previous announcement or warning whatsoever, to step down of the position I’ve held for two years. There was no consultation, no arrangements or anything, just a plain “let’s go to my office and by the way you’re going down” kind of way. An action I believe was unfairly done. The pretense that other people might deserve the benefits I was having, made me realize what was going on. In life there is no such thing as “someone really deserves something” or “hard working”, it’s all a matter of how deeply committed to another person one is. If the reason that I was leaving for a while for family reasons wasn’t decent enough, I don’t understand which one might. However, we are indeed in Christmas season and protégés deserve more attention and more dedication. There are millions of things my mind wants to say but only one I will mention:
Since there’s no other reason for me to work at store 2242 anymore I will stop bringing my services to the company at all, effective the day I receive the paycheck with all the remaining benefit money the store needs to give.
I apologize for the harshness of my actions, but then again, I don’t. There is a traditional hierarchy that works on the best interests of “friends’ and “partners” but not in the ones that work hard every single time they’re appointed and are really in need of the rewards of their hard work.

I know I will be missed, not for my quiet and silent character, but for all the things I’ve done for success. There is no other way to get around this but thanks for the opportunity and good luck trying to fill my shoes. And I meant good luck. A great team has been broken by time and will be broken by choices.

With drive and passion
Miguel Marrero

Several things I would like to have mentioned: racist, fuck you, suck my you know what. All of this happened because one of the manager’s protégé was going to get promoted but only 3 full time employees were allowed at the time. It is his loss and he knows it, now he’ll have to deal with an insane store only I could deal with and no one there knows how to deal with. I got what I wanted, I got away my way and in the end screwed his domain of power (he took mine I took his, there’s no way I’ll be working full time without my benefits). He can suck my dick, asshole.

~ by rpgdude on November 17, 2006.

10 Responses to “Fighting for power: On how I actually quit my job”

  1. Rant! Rant! Rant!

    They don’t deserve you.

    Plus, an intership will soon arrive your way. It is all happening in “divine order”.

  2. Retail is like a pair of Prada boots ruined by gum and dog poo.

  3. Q divina!

  4. Fucking fuckers hmm sounds a lot like Borders.

  5. Eso me lo tienes q contar!

  6. Y ahora qué haras para tener dinero?

  7. Sometimes having a life is better than money.

  8. What’s this? I come back from a weekend at the beach, and there’s NO up-date?!


  9. yeah, I know, but you wont have a life if u run out of money!

  10. como te dije cuando hablamos….mandalos pal cara… y vete a trabajar a ZARA!!! en BOSTON, tiene que haber uno. jajaja

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