Ms Dewey

She smiles, she sings, she gets bored, she flirts…. she’s a search engine!

But wait… aren’t search engines meant to be boring? With the exception of Google’s holiday logo change… YES!

I met Ms Dewey and I fell in love. This new revolutionary (in an unconventional and you won’t be bored kind of way) search engine from Microsoft features Ms Dewey a hot sexy lady (Janina Gavankar) from the future that will host and interact with your search engines.

From random comments regarding TV shows, sex, gambling… I tried different searches and she seems to interact with a lot of them! If you let the door open for too long and ignore her, she’ll get mad, bored, or even knock on the screen to remind you that she’s still there.

How well it searches through the net is still in the shadows but, for the unconventional and captivating concept Ms Dewey deserves all my attention now. I think I’ll stop and visit her more often. You should too and head to her site:

Ms Dewey’s page

Here’s a video of what she can do, but why don’t you give it a try?

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~ by rpgdude on November 14, 2006.

6 Responses to “Ms Dewey”

  1. Cool,

    but i’m afraid it will soon burn off

  2. Ya yo lo había usado antes pero ese video donde se le sale lo de ghetto bitch no lo habia visto!!! LOL.

  3. Me aburrí después de un rato, tienen que darle up-date a las frases más a menudo, entiendo que son millones de “tags” pero igual. Ya mismo sacan más personajes, quien sabe si este es el futuro de los “search engines”; podras escojer entre “tradicional” “interactivo”.

    Lo de “ghetto” le sale cuando le pones “yo mamma”.

  4. jaja bno es algo mas interesante q un boring search engine.

  5. Voy a jalarme una bien buen paja de esas que vienen premiadas a nombre de Ms Dewey

  6. jaja, Ms Dewey es la It girl de este fall season.

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