The one with the House

I woke up skeptical today. Not because I overslept, but because it was elections day. The last US elections ended up in humiliation and shame. But something was wrong. I was the wronged.

I went to Chilli’s and all I could see was the TV airing results. In Massachusetts, as usual, all the democrat senators and representatives won, but the governor shifted towards Democrat. A nice being called Deval Patrick won.

At 11:40 pm the democrats had already won the House. They kicked the 15 republican seats they needed. Everybody cheered in my living room. That meant something; people weren’t content with Bush’s crap. Tomorrow, a new House Speaker will be announced and for the first time ever it will be a woman: Nancy Pelosi.

It is unclear yet if the Senate will be shifted towards Democrat’s control. But even if they don’t win it, the damage to the president is already done. The Senate race is so tight that even if Republicans wins there’s going to be a lot of Democrat opposition.

As I watched the results go slowly, I was amazed that people actually put a thought on this. Bush’s regime is beginning to end.

~ by rpgdude on November 8, 2006.

7 Responses to “The one with the House”

  1. You know what’s next: Hillary for President!

    Even SNL loves her.

  2. Te van a votar de Blogalaxia por poner tetitas. Voy a chotiarte…vengo ahora.

  3. But now you have a divided goverment, so I don’t know how much change you will really see. It’s going to be a constant battle of power. Which will be very entertaining, but sad.

  4. Not really sweetheart. The senate will win Democrat. You’ll see, recounts usually don’t benefit the losing person (in this case republicans).

  5. Pero si la letrina pone cosas peores!

  6. Just saw a bit’ of CNN, even the media is pushing Hillary’s candidacy.

    If she runs, WE are going to Wahington on Election Day or Inauguration.

  7. Imaginate! Vamos full! A bloguear en vivo y en directo desde Washington.

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