This week’s netflix

Hard Candy: Do you really wanna see a superb thriller with excellent acting? Go watch this movie, it’s amazing (from dialogue to plot execution, flawless). I shall post something concentrating on this movie.

High School: The Musical– Disney’s TV movie is fun to watch, great if high and amazing if under 12. Catchy music, good choreography and if you’re willing to let go of the budget and some clumsy direction, it’s entertaining.

Below is the coolest song of the movie:

Isn’t the nerd girl the coolest thing? Well along to the skater cello performer

Sideways: Still haven’t watched, remotely interested. Guess I’ll return it.

Upcoming Netflix

Are you Scared? Just saw it minutes before posting. It’s the worst movie I’ve seen in a while. Low budget crappy horror movie that tries to mimic Saw. Worst make up ever.

Simpathy for Mr. Vengeance– First part of director Chan-Wood Park’s revenge trilogy. I’m excited.

Oldboy-Second Part of the trilogy. This one tells the tale of a convicted man.

PS. Stick to the status quo!

~ by rpgdude on November 5, 2006.

4 Responses to “This week’s netflix”

  1. OMFG, I still can’t get over Hard Candy. The first movie in history to leave me in complete shock.

    And… I have to admit, Disney Channel is “totally” my guilty pleasure.

  2. Hard Candy is already in my top movies! I told you it was beyond it!

  3. Cabron te lo dije. No me voy a cansar de decir que: TE LO DIJE.

  4. Si! Es cierto!

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