The tale of two dads

It’s very common that baby clothing are printed with silly messages. From “Sassy Girl”, to “Laziest baby alive”, sometimes these messages mean nothing to the person who’s wearing it (especially when you’re 8 months).

This fifty something couple stops to buy some clothes. The lady wanted to pay for the clothes but the guy refused. They were very funny and nice. Suddenly she spotted some PJ’s and starting to search for the printed messages on them.

She wanted to buy one that said “I love dad” but wondered that it might be too girly. I suggested her to check the “I love mom” ones but nicely she replied:

It can’t be those, the baby has two dads

She said it with this incredible normalcy. I’m living in Massachusetts, one of (if not) the most liberal states in the States but even here I don’t think I’ve ever did customer service for same sex couple’s kids. Times are changing and society must change. I live in a state where the government doesn’t meddle with people’s personal choices: abortion is legal, so does same sex marriage.

Yet, like always there are detractors. Usually comes from prudes religious conservative people. The people that kind of likes to yell, to shout and to criticize. Yesterday I saw an horrific commercial exploiting kids going against gay marriage.

They might oppose as much as they want and stay in their 2000 old passe beliefs, I’m staying with a firm solid true believe of human independence, choice and love.

After that moment with the customer, I believed that small 8 months baby don’t care about their clothes or what they say, but for those that are watching, those letters hold a meaning to them.

~ by rpgdude on November 4, 2006.

7 Responses to “The tale of two dads”

  1. Aww, so sweet, “the baby has two dads”. *happy tear*

    Those Conservative Bastards! Poor Unfortunate Souls!

    Gay couples are the best parents. They raise straight A’s, healthy, and open minded, fabulous kids.

  2. Pa mi que Migue esta pensando adoptar desde este acontecimiento….

  3. ¡Hay si, una nena! Pero conociendo a Miguel, la va a malcriar, pq nunca le va a decir no, siempre vestidita de Gap Kids con lo ultimo de la moda. Estudiando en St. John’s alli en Condado, con clases de deporte ecuestre y “performing arts”. Con una iPod para su cumpleaños número 5, y la iBook cuando cumpla los 10.

    Miguel, ¡Adoptame!

  4. Nena,sabras que mi nena sera BIEN PERRA! Desde chiquita va a saber lo q es bueno y lo q es malo.Autosuficiente, liberal, inteligente, perreria full!

  5. ¿Y que nombre bien perro le vas a poner?

  6. Mmmm no habia pensado en eso. Sugiereme un nombre BN perro.

  7. ¡Cecilia! Pues, claro. ¿Como dudarlo corazón?

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