Disgrace falls on Flav

There are some leftovers of Halloween indeed. Someone announced yesterday to the media that the grotesque and repulsive William Jonathan Drayton Jr, best known as Flavor Flav has a nobody woman (bet she’s ghetto) pregnant.

Yes, he can’t settle with 6 kids to the world, now a seven is coming and he has stated that wants 10. But here’s the odd thing: who’s the mother? what happened to but cracked Deelishis?

According to the media:

“Flav has confirmed this and Deelishis is aware that after things did not work with the season-one winner, Flav conceived a child with a woman he had been dating on and off,” says the rapper’s manager.”
OK, here’s a problem with that statement. Flavor of Love’s first season was recorded last year and about two to three months after was broadcasted. After things didn’t worked out with fake and attention whore Hoops, he started dating this unknown ho’ from Las Vegas. The statement of hoeness comes from the fact that no sane human being will actually have intimacy with that lab rat, unless they’re checking big wallet, attention or TV shows.

What’s happening now? Let’s face it, In the highly over hyped yet totally disappointing Reunion Special of Flavor of Love’s second season was recorded four months after Flav made his decision. Do we know how to count? Assuming The first season filmed from month 1 through month 3, then 4 months later the reunion. He meets the ho then starts filming during month 9 (giving him a 2 month break) finishes the second season on month 12 but meets again with Deelishis on month 16 and now about 4 months after that the pregnancy is announced…. wait, is she an elephant? That is impossible! Come clean Flav, Deelishis was gross and your straw couldn’t wait four months.

Now I feel pity for Deelish ho’. New York got the show, you got the man and now has to deal with infidelities and a baby. This relationship will surely last…. thank god it’s only another reality show relationship (2 months anyone?) Now I wonder what kind of baby could that creep have?

Creepy indeed.

~ by rpgdude on November 1, 2006.

16 Responses to “Disgrace falls on Flav”

  1. Fo’ Miguel!; just fo’. Esa foto de Delishis *goes to a corner and vomits*.

    Women just keep fucking that man and his clock. Why? Cause’ they Hos. Ew, New York fucked him, she’s contaminated.

  2. Yes, they’re all ho’s and gross! New York decontaminated herself though.

  3. Hah! Only a million “duchas vaginales” later.

  4. LOL ay Christ I bet those girls have no dignity.d

  5. That’s a cute baby…I bet Brangelina and Madonna will fight for the adoption rights..

  6. Not if Madonna steals the baby first!

  7. I can’t wait for the New York show…that should be amazing. I still can’t believe she went to college.
    Aren’t you glad that I commented??

  8. Oh yes, you should keep doing it all the time. New York’s show that must be something insane.

  9. ¡No sé por qué te empeñas en ese programa!

    Anyway, you really gave this a lot of thought, to make those calculations… then again, you’re like that…

  10. i am amused and outraged (if you can be both at once) at the whole vh1 ordeal with flave. i don’t think new york should get star treatment until she has some sort of sex tape atleast. i don’t understand why oprah hasn’t moved her pawns and pulled the plug on this show.

  11. That’s because Oprah watches it and finds it amusing that New York is exactly the opposite of the image Oprah portraits on TV.

  12. Remember: New York is a “Whitney and Bobby married with Crack” fan.

  13. Cuantas tutorias de Calculo tuviste que cojer para deducir eso, Migue?

  14. Oye q pasa, yo fui un math whiz!

  15. OMG this is just too funny the blog AND all the comments. I don’t understand why VH1 is so obsessed with flav, my obsession is about the insane ho’s not flave himself. I agree that New York is getting a show eventhough she is a virtual unknown to anyone who has not seen flavor of love but then again I wonder what kind of idiot crack man would want to be with that crazy bitch. Delishis is disgusting but there ARE some straight men that think the bigger the butt, the bigger the love.

  16. Dude you have to see her naked pics, that is not pretty!

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