October and the month that was

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I opened the space which became my personal expression and tension reliever. I’m happy to say that I’m glad for the support I’ve been given, for the friends I regained and the opinions and expressions that I’ve shared with some.

I think I’ve written a lot (about 25 posts in less than a month) but not enough as I’d want to. There’s always so much to tell, some juicy stories, stuff on TV, events… but there’s always real life and the impending graduation and thesis I have to start putting together by the end of the semester.

From being a ranking obsessed boy (from 100something to number 10 last week ain’t that bad) to a boy that realizes that top something isn’t something I should worry about, but to the quality of the posts and the writing, I believe that quality should always be on the top list. And there’s no ranking that matches that.

I’ve written about Deelishis scandalous pictures, about Netflixed movies, Carmen Jovet, youtube and above all my opinions. And as I close this post commenting about how weird this month has been to me I thank for those that constantly check me out cause you make what I’m doing seem right. Capture is not the word but appreciation.

Events this October

Roommates banned anti smoking laws in the house, making my life incredibly uncomfortable.

My decision of spending the Halloween evening playing Final Fantasy 12 instead of going out to get drunk.

Youtube being sold to Google

Bush’s disastrous attempt (hopefully it’ll be disastrous) to regain Senate and House causes him to go berserk against gay people, democrats and the war in Iraq

Deelishis wins over New York in Flavor of Love

Greys Anatomy continues to disappoint fans because of poor writing.

Rpgdude’s new obsession with Basement Jaxx’s Crazy itch Radio

The Foley scandal has people going nuts against republicans (finally!)

The ordeals of the Puertorican sales tax

Eddie Miro’s pathetic attempt to regain people’s heart. Didn’t he evaded a lot of taxes? (Check out La Letrina’s comment of the situation.

Rpgdude is still single, sports a new, more mature look and is still looking.

~ by rpgdude on October 30, 2006.

14 Responses to “October and the month that was”

  1. You forgot:

    PinkMonday gives birth to RPGdude’s tube baby!

  2. LOL But that’s fiction!! I only included real events!

  3. Bitch, you are supposed to play along. Tom and Kate do it all the time.

  4. I’m sorry, I’m not a scientologist.

  5. …charro.

  6. Gracias a ustedes dos cabrones ahora comento en blogs.

  7. Pues porque Gazoo es cool. Y Ceci es cool pero como me dijo charro pues es charra

  8. We are “Hiro-Cool”. Without the “constipated” look.

  9. I love Hiro, he’s so cool!

  10. saludos..

    Nos gustaria que compartas tus ideas, narraciones o experiencias en nuestro blog Sersapiente. Si te interesa, envianos un email para enviarle la invitacion al blog.


  11. cucha Migue, se cree que todos los puertorros se venden…

    Yo soy el manager de Migue y antes de irse a TU BLOG, lo contrato para la letrina….!!!!

    MIGUE NO SE VENDE….o si?

  12. Eah rayos! I’m getting famous!

  13. Pfft, me dejaron el mismo comment en el mio.

  14. That’s because they know we’re gooooooooood!

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