Beloved Slasher Flicks

Halloween weekend. There’s nothing else to watch in TV but Slasher and Horror flicks. I’ve seen Friday the 13th like 3 times, along with Halloween 4 and Texas Chainsaw (that’s all in 3 days!), thanks to movie marathons in AMC, FX and others.
Here are my top 5 favorite slasher flicks (slasher only!):

5: Slumber Party Massacre- This movie is barely recognized, however it’s so good. A bunch of girls in a slumber party; a psycho killer who just escaped a mental institution and lots and lots of gore and death.

Honorable deaths: The girls opened the door to find the delivery guy killed. A few minutes later a girl gets drilled in her neck.

4: Nightmare on Elm Street-I’ve never been a fan of the Freddy. I think he’s a little overrated. However his first movie is very good. Teens needs to die when not abiding the standards an 80’s society imposes. Freddy makes sure that they get punished

Honorable deaths: Johnny Depp’s introduction to stardom begun with a terrible bed sucking death.

3:Friday the 13th– One of my favorite movies. I grew up going to a lot of camp sites and always got worried of a psycho killer lurking around in the forest. This movie tells the tale of a group of camp counselors trying to reopen Camp Crystal Lake, which was closed 20 years ago when a couple got killed by a mysterious killer. Of course, each one of them will be killed (minus the virgin) when the killer reappears with a personal vendetta.

Honorable deaths: Kevin Bacon’s demise got a sweet arrow pop out of his neck. Take that!

2:Scream 1 and 2- I remembered that in 10th and 11th grade, instead of getting laid (like any self respecting high school student nowadays) I was obsessed watching those two movies constantly. Meant to be a new start for slasher flicks, these 2 movies broke all rules and put the genre profitable again.

Honorable death: Drew Barrymore and Jada Pinkett had incredibly good death scenes.

1:Halloween– The first official slasher flick (if you don’t count Psycho, but there’s also controversy with Blood Feast). It contains a suspenseful atmosphere and interesting storyline (was the killer really the boogieman?), but some people might argue that it’s a little slow. I think is the atmosphere and the formula it established that put it to the top

Honorable death: A young Michael kills his sister after she had sex with her boyfriend. Multiple stabs, and did I mentioned the clown costume?

~ by rpgdude on October 29, 2006.

4 Responses to “Beloved Slasher Flicks”

  1. I still have not seen Slumber Party Massacre.

  2. Movie Night en Diciembre!!! Es una cosa!!!

  3. We have like 512 Movie Nights planned for December.

  4. Yo no he visto Slumber Party…

    Miguel deja de ver B-Movies by C-Listers, distorciona la vision de que es bueno y que no es…

    Your standards will tend to go down of you keep that practice.

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