Halloween special -1-

I was talking with Pink Monday. Out of nowhere, while in the middle of a Halloween conversation dealing with which horrific costume I was going to buy for this senselessly tasteful fakestivity, she commented about it.

Pink Monday: Carmen Jovet looks so unrecognizable.
I: Carmen Bo-Tex!

That’s why she has been awarded with the Halloween Special Celebrity of the Year. This award only goes for famous celebrities (sort of) that change so much. it looks like is a living creepy costume. Previous years Michael Jackson and Melina Leon (as denoted by Gazoo’s post Melina Leon Parece Mufasa in la Letrina) have won.

What we like about Carmen: Every year she looks younger. And younger and more stretched like overweight women’s thighs in skinny black pants. Botox is a miraculous thing, it helps us being very well lifted. Kudos for always having a young hunk on your pit.

What we don’t like about Carmen: Too much Botox leads to an unemotional monstrous stage of plasticized faces. Carmen you’re in that league now. A Carmen costume would surely shock a few drag queens but nothing that will last too long for hype.

~ by rpgdude on October 28, 2006.

11 Responses to “Halloween special -1-”

  1. Jovet tiene unas clases de tetas.. no se tu pero algo se hizo

  2. Remember to bring your bottle of “Fattache” along with the costume. No Carmen Bo-Tex is complete without it.

  3. Esperen pronto el cuento “Mi Noche con Carmen Jovet” en http://www.letrina.net

  4. Aww Gazoo, primero la enana, y ahora otra enana. Tu no tienes piedad.

    Que cojones, self-promoting en otro blog.

    Ps. PinkMonday Drama

  5. UJUM.

    Soy una maquina de promocion. Yo hice que RompeOlas se fuera a la quiebra.

    Cuanto Mide Carmencita?

  6. Gazoo, deberias comentar como la enana volvio a tu vida y queria un threesome con la Jovet!

  7. Aww Miguel, pa’ que le das más ideas.

    Una palabra: “¡Fo!”

  8. Y si el Threesome es con Mrs.Clause

  9. Jajaja, Gazoo botate!!!!!!

  10. yo escuche un rumor de que Jovet es lesbiana y que tiene tres pezones.. sera cierto?

  11. Lo de lesbiana no se, tiene el porte pero se pasa de chamakito en chamakito. Los tres pezones, a eso se lo preguntamos a Gazoo que tuvo un encuentro con la jovet.

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