The race for your other half

I am a careless person. I know it. By the time I’ve been in Boston a few of my favorite bands have performed and couldn’t or forgot to buy tickets (Our Lady Peace, Three Days Grace and The Go! Team). By the time I realized, I was late; the tickets were sold.

This time in town is one of my fave new bands (not new, like 2 years ago new) The Killers. I wasn’t in Boston when the pre-sale was on… I bet I was in El Cojo. Now I have no tickets and I’m getting desperate. I checked craigslist but people were actually willing to buy tickets for over a 100 dollars. No tickets for me.

My last option is to go to the Theater before the show starts and see who’s selling tickets. Maybe I’ll get a nice deal (like that time I got Jason Mraz’s arena tickets for $35), or end up freezing my ass. Since those around me know my current obsession with Brandon Flowers know I’ll be willing to freeze to death to get in!

PS. Got The Killer’s sophomore CD Sam’s Town: it’s way different than Hot Fuzz but very good.

~ by rpgdude on October 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “The race for your other half”

  1. “Up and Down, up and down”

  2. I’m still not over!

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