Deelishis Uncovered!

There are times in life when you realize that some people aren’t meant for art. There are other times when you realize that people aren’t meant to be pornographic. There are instances in your life when you see that some don’t belong to TV. Some people are meant to gross you out.

Along came Deelishis, the unfortunate winner of Flavor Flav’s affection in Flavor of Love. A single mother with an unimaginable charm to outshine the other contestants fakeness. Her 18-year plus site, was cited in a previous post a few days ago.

I’ve never seen pictures so ugly in my life. Scars, cellulite all over the place shadows a nice hair and some plumpy lips. There’s a video section with no videos. Also, while openly portraying pictures like a ‘ho, there’s a certain denial of showing her vagi gi. The ass is gigantic decorated with cellulite and stretch marks. Check the pictures and see how brilliant her career as a model will be. Smells like early retirement. Now I’m wondering if Flav knew about this, since he kicked out a girl for being porno…but Deelishis is pure art…

Silly ‘ho.

Warning, the following link is not to be opened by pregnant women, people with heart diseases or those who just ate!

~ by rpgdude on October 24, 2006.

4 Responses to “Deelishis Uncovered!”


    Abri este thread en un salon…

    …The professor threw me out when he heard me shriek like a virgin cow….

  2. She looked so fake in the show, now look at her! Gross.

  3. OK the phot scared me when it opened up and yes some poelpe are better off with their clothes on. this is so nasty that it reminds me of a song My neck My back by Khia, that song is so nasty you should listen to it if you haven’t.

  4. Just, Ew.

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