Big Monsters! Huge Drama!


Last May something awful happened in Boston. Dr. Cube’s threats that someone was going to die were accomplished when one of the beloved Plantain brothers was killed by someone. However, that someone turned out to be Silver Potato-legendary hero of the good side turned to the dark side.

This Friday, again in Boston, revenge might be served. Pedro Plantain will try to avenge his brother’s death by fighting Silver Potato.

Kaiju Big Battel is a huge super event (performance) that mixes parodies of both: professional wrestling and tokusatsu kaiju(giant monsters) Japanese movies. It involves a lot of monster drama typical from Japanese pop culture and wrestling. What’s interesting is that it has its culture on its own (fighting movies, the story so far, the CD’s, dolls, t-shirt and lots more). What started as a performance, it has become a cult!

I’ve went to Someone must die in Anime Boston 2006 and was amazed. I think we all were. Now there’s no way I’m going to miss this show!

If you want to check out their site go here. Also as usual, a little video:

And another:

~ by rpgdude on October 19, 2006.

2 Responses to “Big Monsters! Huge Drama!”

  1. I wanna see it! Woo, April! Anime Boston, you know it!

  2. A ver si vienen para este anime boston!

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