Sunday of Love

There is nothing like rushing home from work at 35 degrees with one thing in mind besides being cold: TV Sunday block.

Everything started with Desperate Housewives: “Like it was” episode. I believe that is the best episode of the show to date. It has everything this show is known to be good at: drama, comedy, sad moments, touching moments, gossips, jaw dropping moments. To those who lost faith in this show, sweeties I don’t know what you’re missing. Spoilers!

Gaby: She has entered a War of the Roses battle with soon to be ex Carlos. Selling all her stuff on a yard sale, changing the locks and even calling the police to kick him out. Their war is turning out to be a very interesting (and funny) plot line. It’s bringing out the worst in them. The kitchen scene was one of the highlights of the episode.
Lynette: Parker’s not good a baseball and wants to quit. Like any good parent, Linette bribes the pitcher for Parker to at least hit the ball. Things backfire and her son is expelled, right after he decides to keep going with baseball. Another bribe from the team coach gets the kid in the team but after he successfully hit a home run is injured and forced to quit.

Edie: She is evil. We’re glad Mike is awake (last week’s cliffhanger). Not so glad that he has retrograde memory loss and don’t remember anything from 2004. Edi is there to fill the blanks and take revenge against Susan for everything that’s happened to them so far.

Susan: She was the last to find out about Mike, thanks to the fact that she was far, far away. Once she did, she forgot about Ian and broke his heart. That guy is amazing. In the hospital scene I actually was concerned that his heart was being broken. This love triangle is getting very interesting since Mike is now against Susan.

Bree: Twist number-She found out about Andrew’s “hobby”(hustling). Decided to tell the wife of one of his “clients” only to discover that the lady already knew it and was willing to share a secret. Twist number two-Danielle (Bree’s daughter) is not mourning the death of Mathew Applewhite anymore, now she’s enjoying her history professor in lots of ways. This leads to warm and touching moments with Andrew.

Then there’s Orson, whom we don’t know much yet. We know he’s glad Mike doesn’t remember he ran over him. Oh, but he’s so nice to Bree and her family. I’m just rooting he’s not evil. Come on, sometimes we do ran over people with a purpose and in Wysteria Lane everybody has committed a crime (arson, killing, bribes, you name it).

Show number two: Flavor of Love the finale! But this one is so good and juicy I’ll post another post.

~ by rpgdude on October 16, 2006.

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