Monday of Love (Sunday of Love part 2)

Yes, to all of those who watched VH1’s insane, twistful and emotional finale of everybody’s guilty pleasure Flavor of Love, New York lost again. Her dignity was degraded once more when Flav (after bringing her back to the house and used her up for ratings and sex). How did this happen? We’re talking about the woman that fought every single ho in both seasons (save for Goldie and the ho’s that were eliminated prior to her arrival in season 2), was first runner up and lost to a fake gold digger by the name of Hoops. Now she’s lost to a fake gold digger by the name of Deelishis.

She always loved him. She was never fake, neither her mother. New York was made for tv. So does her mother and father. I could have sworn that they were going to launch a sitcom. I was wrong. When he told her that she was too much like her mother and way jealous (oh, didn’t you noticed that in the FIRST season? Dumb Flav) we didn’t bought that. Even with tears in his eyes and the storm (foreshadow?) around him, I know that he prefers Deelishis big scarful butt to New York’s. It’s understandable, she has some kind of charm but she’s boring for TV.

The episode was a real yawner, except New York’s (she’s drama personified) desperation at Flav’s and Deelishis‘ date and the final clash. In the final elimination, she rose against Flav and asked the easiest question: Why did you brought me back? The man broke her heart twice (that Flav is inhuman!!!). Then she wents nuts (as usual) and had the best scene. Her yelling at him while tears rolled her eyes and wondering why did he do that to her twice, why was he mean to her? if he wanted her back, why destroying her heart? She left angry, crying and telling that she hopes she finds the man that’s good for her, that really loves her and gives her everything (hmmmmmmmmmm).

Then came this morning: (this messenger conversation was with a friend)

Friend: mira, lo de NY en Ms es bullten o blog?
Rpgdude: LOL, bulletin lo posteo hace como 1 hora atras o dos

Rpgdude: Dear Friends, I realize many of you tuned in for the final episode last night and I can’t help but feel so blessed to have your unconditional love and support. Please remember that the taping of the final episode was 5 months ago, just like in Flavor of Love 1. I did have a little trip, but that was very short lived. For those of you who know my character, I am very calculating with my career and recover quite quickly from life’s mishaps. Since Flavor of Love, I have moved on to even “bigger and better things”. I am very excited about the secret projects that I have been working on these past months and I hope you guys will be there with me for the ride! The love and support from my fans is more important to me than winning a reality TV show. I would rather be in my position right now than both the winners from Flavor of Love 1 & 2. Making quick dollars through club promoting and hosting parties in not really my thing. I am more interested in the long haul and it is my intention to be around for a very long time. There is a saying in life that goes “sometimes the winner isn’t the one that walks away with the crown.” This quote is very fitting for me, as you will all see in the coming months. Love Always, ~TIFFANY AKA NY

Friend: ay padre, al menos no suena TAN bitter! lol

Rpgdude: me encanto el showdown

Friend: ahi va!

Rpgdude: cuando ella le dice “why did you bring me back

Rpgdude: lol me dio pena con ella

Friend: siiiiiiiii, es q esta kbron\

Rpgdude: la trae de vuelta, la re enamora, se la chicha y la manda pal carajo lol

So yes, New York is winning the battle. Now she’s going to have her chance to forget all about flav and worry about the 20 hunks that will try to win her heart. Just like she always dreamt. However things aren’t always cute for the winner. She ended up with Flavor Flav. I though she lost. Why New York has the better rewards?

This one is regarding Delishis being fake. Make sure you check the links.

Rpgdude: Deelishis’s Myspace
Rpgdude: dice q esta single…
Friend: mmmmmjm
tiene un culo q no se acaba
Rpgdude: jaja
Rpgdude: me imagino q ella quiso estar con flav por dos cosas
Rpgdude: para el college fund de la nena, q quiere ser neurocirujana y no le brega
Rpgdude: y para q flav le pague la operacion de las cicatrices
Rpgdude: dime q ella no es fake
Rpgdude: Link to Deelishis‘ website
Rpgdude: le borraron las cicatrices en photoshop
Friend: ajaaaaaaaaa
eso estaba viendo
Rpgdude: y el lunar del ojo
Rpgdude: FAKE
Friend: lol

So, I can’t wait for two things: watch Flavorette (New York’s upcoming show) and see how long does Flav and Deelishis will last. Any predictions?

~ by rpgdude on October 16, 2006.

7 Responses to “Monday of Love (Sunday of Love part 2)”

  1. Gano la mejor, New York era una ridicula.

  2. Tengo que decir que este show estuvo bueno, pero no mejor que el primero.

    Tmbn que el mejor show de buscar parejas en la historia es Average Joe 2.

    NY se va a quedar en tv solo por que la personalidad de ella esta a un nivel casi insuperable de bicha.

    Deelishis me da un asco cabron las cicatrices, pero then again, Flavor Flav PARECE una Cicatriz Gigante.

  3. I saw ONE thing of Flavor of Love… and that’s the famous poop on the stairs. That’s all I remember, that’s all I CARE to remember.

    But um… yeah! New York should’ve TOTALLY WON!

  4. en verdad me da una gran pena pero much más gusto que hayan dejao fuera a ny. i mean, eso se veía vanir. besides, Delishis is far more … i dont know what to say but is a better pick than the phsyco ny!!!

    además, ny salió ganando – all she really wanted was tv, and she got it so… she had to get down with flav which is disgusting but – hey, theres a price 2 everythin!!!

  5. Nice Miguel alfin veo que tienes un hobie para chavar y criticar cosas😉 keep it real😀

  6. me encanta lo fan q eres del show mas cruel y nasty de la historia, c’mon un chorro de cueros peliandose por (y acostandose con) el hombre mas feo de este mundo. Esas mujeres dan lastima, la autoestima esta por el piso queriandose humillar en tv por un hombre tan enfermo y horrible. But i guess that good tv right??
    Anyway la loka esa “salio bn” (si ser humillada y usada para placer sexual por ese “tipo” 2 veces por tv es salir bn), mi pregunta es como a ella le gustan los feos los 20 solteros van a ser como flav (feos con co**nes y con $$), o se los van a buscar good looking???

    ps. i finally commented on something yeah!!!!

  7. I want to see the reunion. NOW.

    Ghetto Cat Fight!

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