Top 20 big bosses

The Boston Phoenix published an online article about the Top 20 best bosses in video game history. Although there are some nice selections in the list ( Metroid’s Mother Brain, Punch Out‘s Mike Tyson, Double Dragon’s Abobo and Red Falcon from Contra), some where left to be desired. If this is supposed to be a top 20 best bosses, why there’ some that are hardly recognized (Who the hell is Don LeCuck?) And there’s even a Guitar Hero song! How can that be a villain?

I don’t know why Sephirot is so high. If they wanted to use a Final Fantasy villain that actually was an awesome big bad the money is on Kefka or Golbez. Sephirot? He’s just a Jenova controlled dude that walked around dumbly with his big sword and summoned a comet. OK. Fine, move on.

Where’s Magus? Sigma? Albedo? and why wasn’t Ganondorf higher?

Anyways if feeling like checking out their top 20 go here.
PS. I’m not even going to comment on number 1.

~ by rpgdude on October 13, 2006.

2 Responses to “Top 20 big bosses”

  1. Acho esa lista es una mierda.
    Que carajo es eso? Esa lista la hice un gamer de menos de 5 a~os. Bowser tan abajo? Donde esta Donky Kong de los juegos de mario originales? Ganon tan abajo?


  2. Si mano, un desastre

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