The one with Best site ever #1

I got out of class at 11 AM. As usual, I grab the newspaper and rush to the next T(train) stop towards my apartment. While on the T, I read the headlines: “Best site ever #3 buys for 1.6b Best site ever #1”. For those who haven’t checked my links, Best site ever #3 is the omega famous Google and Best site ever #1 is my best site ever: Youtube.

I always remembered the first time I was frustrated when read an entertainment news. It was the winter of 2002. Sarah Michelle Gellar told Entertainment Weekly that she was done with her critically acclaimed (but unfairly Emmy unrecognized) Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I, a 20 years old geek college student, along with hardcore fans and the rest of the cast, crew members and even the show creator, were shocked to find out that way.

I don’t know why, if both are two of my favorite sites ever, am I thinking that is not a good idea. Youtube is perhaps the most important video sharing and uploading site for everyday people. Where can you find an 80’s video like You spin me round (like a record) or Colbert’s word of the day, or the entire episode of South Park’s Trapped in the Closet? All of this for free, and in an easy and accessible way?

Google is buying a lot lately. The got blogger, now they have Youtube. Now everything is google related and it’s getting on my nerves. Apparently they’re planning on modifying Youtube. According to their official statements, they’re planning of expanding the site’s social networking system to fill the gap that Google is having in that category, along with video sharing. What does that means? A Myspace clone? Leave Youtube as it is, we all love it that way. There’s the whole copyrights situation which I won’t go in details but the site and google are working in partnership with NBC, CBS among others to promote the videos legally. What does that means? If NBC doesn’t like it… you won’t find it. Mmmmmm, censorship much?

I’m not gonna comment anymore of this topic. I just hope that the changes aren’t that drastic and the quality of the site isn’t harmed in this ridiculous proccess of power, money and (what I can assume) censorship.

Here are some links regarding the news:

~ by rpgdude on October 10, 2006.

5 Responses to “The one with Best site ever #1”

  1. Yo uso Yahoo.🙂

  2. No me gusta yahoo.Yo soy googlero y youtubero pero no juntos. lol

  3. ahh…

    ahi dices q lo compraron por 1.6m.

    estas mal.

    Fue por 1.6b


  4. Diantre si! mala mia! lo voy a editar.


  5. No debe sorprender… ÂżquĂ© medio no está megacomprometido econĂłmicamnte hoy dĂ­a?

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