A weekend in the country. Who’s in the suitcase?

The preview for tonight’s episode of Desperate Housewives made it look a little boring. But I was so wrong. SO wrong.

After all the criticism the show received last year (of those saying that the show had entered in a sophomore slump- I however enjoyed it a lot), the writers are putting up a lot of effort to make each episode enjoyable. And they’re doing it RIGHT.

Each of the housewives, in this episode aptly called A weekend in the Country (from the 1973 Stephen Sondheim’s musical A little Night Music), are away under different circumstances. Gaby is left alone in her spa weekend when Lynette leaves to help out Tom. Susan goes away with Ian to the country and Bree plans to leave for her honeymoon until Andrew shows up on the news. Things always go awry and Lynette is stuck with Tom’s ex one night stand-mother of his illegitimate child Nora; Gaby finds her new single life in track when she encounters John Rowland; Susan and Ian have trouble with each other’s sexual partners revelations and Andrew isn’t ready to forgive Bree.

So much has happened in Wysteria Lane. After last season’s shocking finale, the show went ahead for 6 months. There’s a lot going on right now, and the show is as interesting as ever, so does the writing. Of the first three episodes of this season, this one’s definitely the best. I never though I would laugh so hard at a suitcase (Last week, I said I wouldn’t laugh so hard at the newborn baby scene and the writers beat that), or Susan and Ian’s discussion over sex partners.

Going back to the plot, Orson (this year’s misterious guy) really cares about Bree. He did everything he could to get her happy; in the form of Andrew’s coming back. We know he has a shady past. He did run over Mike. But he does love Bree too and there’s no proofs to the allegations that he killed his ex wife.

Bree’s meeting with the transvestite was hillarious. “Gates…Pearly Gates. Cuz you can’t get into heaven unless you go through me”. Finally, we meet Danielle again, and man she is bitter!

Gaby had closure with John. After meeting with him in the hotel, having sex and finding out that he’s engaged as soon as the fiancee is going her way up. Along comes the suitcase in what I dare to say is the funniest scene ever in this show, even better than her scenes last week. “Don’t laugh, I saved a bundle on air fare!”

I know there’s a lot of people who don’t like Nora, but today she opened up to Lynette and the viewers. She’s a single mother, who works at a Pancake restaurant, who attempted suicide and is a little wacky. Lynette’s life now looks perfect.

A new storyline opening up is Julie’s involvement with new neighbor Austin (Edie’s nephew). I believe Edie’s foreshadowing will come true: Julie will rebel. And by the end of the episode Mike wakes up only to find Edie next to him instead of Susan.

Things are getting complicated and way interesting.

PS: Yes the show is over the top, but that’s what keeps us entertained. If you want a Bore go watch Grey’s Anatomy on Thursdays.

~ by rpgdude on October 9, 2006.

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  1. I will NEVER convert!


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