The countdown

I’ve been waiting for five years. I’ve been waiting for 60 months. I’ve been waiting for 240 weeks; for 1681 days; 40344 hours. Anyways, you get it. I’ve been waiting so damn long for this game and now it’s finally coming (after 4 painful delays) to us.

Final Fantasy XII is, the most awaited JRPG game of the year. Not only we haven’t got a new original Final Fantasy since the release of Final Fantasy X in 2001. We had to settle for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI and the funky, fagotty Final Fantasy X-2. The 12 was announced and all I could say was Ivalice (the world on Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics 2)! New directions, new artwork (this surely looks like Vagrant Story) and a *gasps!* new battle system that resembles XI.

I’ve read the reviews, they all loved it! I’ve played through the first 25 minutes of the game (in Japanese, but still!) and I was loving it. And even though I’m still like 10 hours from finishing Xenosaga 3, I really, really wanna play this one!

But if I waited 5 years, and 4 delays. I can wait for sure, 3 weeks; 24 days; 168 hours; 10080 minutes. Can I?

~ by rpgdude on October 8, 2006.

4 Responses to “The countdown”

  1. Oh Gawd, another one. I’m still hooked on Tetris, can’t get past Mario Bros SNES version. I’m doomed to old school forever!

  2. Between this one, FF III for the D.S., Phantasy Star Universe for XBOX 360, and Guild Wars Nightfall for PC, no one is gonna see my RPG-obsessed ass this christmas season. I’m probably going to appear in milk cartons.
    But, like the saying goes: “Sarna con gusto no pica”.

  3. Nasty RPG’s

    Zelda’s Twightlight Princess y el Wii son los que son

  4. No. Wii= Nintendo 64 y Gamecube o sea, al principio mucho buzz y al año nade se acuerda de el. I am rooting for Final Fantasy XII, Tales of Abyss and to play Tales of Legendia, Grandia 3, Disgaea 2 and like 3 more.

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