Things keep getting better (or worse) for our Ugly!

The word is out. Ugly Betty is so good and entertaining!

On this episode called The Box and the Bunny, the sophomore episode of the season, Betty’s graduation stuffed mascot is kidnapped, tortured and humiliated. All of this going along the stress of her losing “The Book” (any explanation on that? Watch The Devil Wears Prada!) to her hateful neighbor. While all of this is going on, Vilhelmina (the telenovelaesque Villain) is taking full advantage to pursue her goal of kicking Daniel and Betty out of Mode Magazine.

Kuddos to Salma Hayek for continuing using Mexican actors for the Telenovela bits Betty’s family watches. Last week it was Hayek herself with Lupita Ferrer (a renowned Telenovela star). Now the turn goes to the infamous Gata Salvaje star Marlene Fabela and Rubi’s hunk Sebastian Rulli. Both “star” as a maid having an affair with a priest.

What steals the show again are two elements.

  • Betty’s family take more ground in this episode. Verdict? GOOD!!! They’re all so funny. From her queer cousin to the wacky sister willing to defend her younger sibling, the dynamic is good between the four characters. I hope more scenes with the family.
  • The villains are so entertaining. Vanessa Williams is good. I love to hate her! Her assistant: funny!

Also, is fun to see the mystery element that makes Desperate Housewives so charming in this show. We know a little bit of info. Apparently the one who wants to take over the magazine has some ties with Daniel’s father. We know about the car accident that left her in a mummy status. What else might it be in store? I’m glad this version of Betty is not following the original storyline and bringing so many new elements.

Betty, you beautiful ugly charm!

~ by rpgdude on October 6, 2006.

One Response to “Things keep getting better (or worse) for our Ugly!”

  1. Love that last quote, it really resumes the whole “Betty Phenomenon”.

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