Lost Season 3 Premiere

I thought that Lost was done for.
J.J. Abrahams has a thing for screwing up great shows. Felicity, Alias-both were critically appraised shows that jumped the shark after the second season. I still have my mixed beliefs with Alias.

Back in Lost. I am surprised, I loved the premiere. It was much more enjoyable than last season opener (Boring!). The opening scene dealt with what I believe will be the focus of the season: The Others. Who are they? What do they want? Why Jack, Kate and Sawyer?

Don’t expect these answers to be resolved in the premiere. In fact, only one cliffhanger of the premiere (Jack, Kate, Sawyer) was shown. No idea where Hurley is, also what the heck happened to the people inside the Hatch (Mr. Ecko, Charlie, Desmond or Locke) before it blew up. I highly doubt they’re seriously injured but still there’s plenty to go for upcoming episodes.

Even though only three of the Losties were shown, it felt like first season. That peculiar feeling, maybe it was the setting, or the development, or just me. All I know is that I’m hopeful that this season will be as good in material as the previous two. Let’s hope that it doesn’t occur like Alias that after an intriguing third season first arc, kind of lost steam (and viewers).

PD. I’m beginning to doubt about Jack. I was talking with one of my best friends and we both agreed that he’s a little crazy. Is that a reflection of our society? Trusting and following someone we might call leader that ultimately might be out of his mind? It’s still to early to find out, but I’m up for the ride!

~ by rpgdude on October 5, 2006.

6 Responses to “Lost Season 3 Premiere”

  1. Never really got into Lost. I’ll wait for you to get the 1st Season.

  2. I already have it. Movie night on December?

  3. Yep! Your place or mine?

  4. Your penthouse darling. I’ll bring Margaritas.

  5. With the Tequila! Remember last time’s “OOPS” ?
    I have the mixer and the ice.

  6. Yes, this time, Tequila on it!

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